When did John Cena die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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John Cena did not die.

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Q: When did John Cena die?
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How john Cena die 2015?

John cena die by an car accident

Did wwes John Cena die?

No, John Cena is still alive and wrestling.

Did John Cena's parents die?


When did john cena's grandma die?

1962 it was a very rough year for cena

Did John Cena Really die 2012?

Not yet

Who won the WWE championship john cena vs r truth in capital punishment?

John Cena kicked R Truth's bot and John Cena got the titol again. I think John Cena is going to keep the titol forever even when he die. John Cena is my favorite superstar in the world.

Did John Cena die today?

No he did not die. If he did, it'll be on the news and on the wwe homepage.

Who is John Cena's dad?

John Cena sr.

Does John cena have ps3 accont?

John Cena's PSN is John Cena

Who won john cena or brock lesnar?

John Cena

Did undertaker really die and came back to life after john cena killed him?

No he did not die.

Did the undertaker die in a practice match with john cena?

No he did not die. The Undertaker is alive and well.