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JAcob found out in New moon or the end of Twilight. His father talked about it, then he really believed it when he turned to a wolf.

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2009-10-31 18:09:47
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Q: When did Jacob find out Edward was a vampire?
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Why do edward and Jacob fight?

because Edward is a vampire and Jacob isn't

What is the difference between Jacob and Edward'?

Edward is a vampire & Jacob is a werewolf.

Does charlie find out that Edward is a vampire?

SPOILER ALERT no but he finds that Jacob is a werewolve

What page in twilight do you find out Edward is a vampire?

Jacob tells her on page 126.

Which team are you on Jacob or Edward?

Edward the sexiest vampire in the world!

Does Jacob find out about edward being a vampire?

Yes. Jacob turns out to be a werewolf, and his mortal enemies are the Cullens because they are vampires.

Why does Jacob hate Edward?

Jacob hates Edward because Jacob is a werewolf and Edward is a vampire. The two species don't get along that well.

What are differences between edward and Jacob?

The difference is that Jacob is a wearwolf and Edward is a vampire and the both love Bella

What are 6 ways edward and Jacob are different?

Jacob is a werewolf Jacob has a tan Edward is a vampire Edward sparkles in the sunlight Edward has different coloured eyes Jacob goes to a different school

What is team Edward and team Jacob for?

Team Edward is if you like Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga better than Jacob. (edward is the vampire-- so u could also look at it as vampire vs. werewolf) And Team Jacob is if you like Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga better than edward.

Does Edward and Jacob hate each other?

They hate each other because Edward is a Vampire and Jacob is a Werewolf

When did Jacob become a vampire?

Jacob never does become a Vampire, Jacob imprints on a half human, half vampire if what you were thinking about. That is why there is teams, Team Jacob (werewolf) and Team Edward (vampire) I don't think they would screw up that up with Jacob becoming a Vampire.

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