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he said it when she first figured out his secret the episode secret of the black haired inuyasha! WATCH IT NOW ON Hulu.COM ALL EPOSIDES PEPEES

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Q: When did InuYasha say that Kagome sent was good?
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Does kagome ever say i love you?

kagome does say she loves inuyasha just not to him. she yells it in episode 126 and inuyasha saves her but he doesn't hear it

Who do Inuyasha like more kagome or kikey?

Personally, I would have to say Kagome. Sure at first Inuyasha practically hates her, but his feelings grow. We can't blame Inuyasha for not forgetting Kikyo as she was his first love. BUT can we not also say that Kikyo tried to CHANGE Inuyasha? I think she did not love him for who he was, which I find depressing. Kagome does though (As she says in Inuyasha movie 2), she loves him as a half demon. :)

Did Kagome from Inuyasha marry inuyasha?

Yea, Kagome doesn't see inuyasha for 3 years, and she finishes High school. She goes to the well and somehow gets there, she sees inuyasha and she decides to stay there with him.. Then you see Sota with some of his friends, they say "Hey Sota, you got a pretty sister, right? Introduce us some time." Then Sota says "Na, she got *married* right after high school." Also, this is verified when Kagome calls sesshomaru "big brother" I Love that episode ^_^

Do Inuyasha and kagome have a family?

In the manga, it shows Sango and Miroku has having two twins girls and an infant son while Kagome and Inuyasha say they're just living with each other. At the very end, Kagome calls Sesshomaru "brother-in-law," so it's assumed Inuyasha and Kagome are married, but nothing substantial about their future is revealed.

Did Inuyasha trusted kagome from the start?

yes inuyasha did from the very start because he thought it was kikyo but then he love kikyo after all but he also love kagome all i can say is kikyo is so flurty she once died but she did not agree then she make away to live to be with inuyasha but i guess she makes kagome became jelous

Which epidose did it say that inuyasha and kagome having kids?

They don't have kids in the episode but they do get get married

What episode does inuyasha say he loves kagome?

in episode 13 when he thouht he was going to die he said that she smelled good and wanted to lay on her lap but later on he does confess they kiss in movie 2

Where does it say that Inuyasha and Kagome get married?

In the last manga i believe. That's wat ive heard....

What episodes does inuyasha say he won't leave kagome ever again?

i think 48 and 126

What inuyasha episode did kagome say sit 16 times?

in episode 109

What episode does Inuyasha say kagome's name?

when he first says her name is in episode 4 when they defeat yura of the demon hair and inuyasha says kagome,lets go. she seems suprised that he actually said her name though so,YOUR WELCOME!

In what part in Inuyasha movie 2 does Kagome kiss Inuyasha?

It is towards the ending of the movie whenever inuyasha transforms into a full flegde demon but kagome saves him with a kiss. But the joy of the movie is to watch the whole movie and not just the parts of it.