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it depends where you live if you live at U.S. its been on for a month now

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Q: When can you start buying tickets for the Hunger Games?
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Does the Hunger Games premier start midnight onTthursday or Friday?

midnight of friday but tickets are basically sold out everywhere

What is the first part of the Hunger Games about?

it starts from the beginning when the tributes for the Hunger Games are picked to right before they start the games

Can you book new moon tickets just now?

no, you have to wait at least two weeks before the premiere to start buying tickets

What is the Hunger Games blurb?

It is a mockingjay pin with the hunger games written on top you'll know what a mockingjay is when you start reading

When did the filmimg start for the hunger games?

Around May 2011

When does the hunger games start in book three?

Page xvs

When do they start casting for the hunger games movie?

April 2011

What page does Chapter 27 of Hunger Games start?

Chapter 27 of The Hunger Games (in the hardcover edition) begins on page 368, and ends on 374.

When did hedley start playing music?

with haymitch and stuff in the hunger games

What page does chapter 22 of The Hunger Games start on?

pg 290

Will your world actually start a Hunger Games?

The chances of this world actually having a 'Hunger Games' is slim to nothing. Having a 'Purge' on the other hand is liklier.

Where and when can you start buying tickets for Burning Man 2013?

They are generally available online starting in January for that year's BM.