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it is said that you will be ablt to buy tickets July 22 of 2011!

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Q: When can you buy movie tickets to see breaking dawn?
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Do you have to buy tickets for the premiere of Breaking Dawn even though you do not want to watch the film?

No. Why would you buy tickets for a movie you don't want to see?

When is breaking dawn coming out in Dubai and how do i get tickets for the first screening?

You can buy tickets at the cinema and on the cinema website. As for when the movie is coming out then I think it is sometime in November.

Where can you buy tickets for breaking dawn part 2?

you can get them right now

Why are they making Breaking Dawn into two films?

The book is too long for the story to be told properly in a single movie.And this way they get you to buy more movie tickets too...

When do breaking dawn premier tickets go on sale and where do you buy them?

Fandango JUST made an announcement yesterday 9/13/11 that Breaking Dawn premiere tickets will go on sale October 1st. You can either purchase them online at or at your local theater :)

How can you buy Breaking Dawn?

Breaking Dawn is now released so you can buy it from bookstores or any other place that sells books.

Mai ha $36 to spend on movie tickets. Each movie ticket cost $4.50 how many tickets can she buy?

She can buy 8 tickets.

What are the sites to book movie tickets?

You can buy movie tickets at

Where can you get the full excerpt of Breaking Dawn?

buy the book

Were can you buy part one of breaking dawn?


Where to get breaking dawn?

The movie isn't out yet but the book you can buy at chapters, indigo, coles, walmart, and so many more places

How can you get in to a movie?

Buy tickets