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Buy tickets to see it in theaters or order the DVD

Everything you need to know is on the home site for the movie

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Q: How can you see the Movie The Gratitude Experiment?
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What is the Gratitude Experiment rated?

The Gratitude Experiment movie is rated G. This means that the movie is suitable for people of all ages. The movie is about the power of having gratitude and how it can effect all of society.

Does the Gratitude Experiment teach that there is no God?

The "Gratitude Experiment" seems to be mainly a self-help program, which allows people to do what they wish with spirituality and deity.

What is the release date of The Gratitude Experiment movie?

The official release date for The Gratitude Experiment movie by Douglas Vermeeren has not yet been officially announced. Trailers can be seen on the official site or on Douglas Vermeeren's official site It is anticipated that this film will be released in late 2010, but this is a best guess as no official date has been announced.

When will Douglas Vermeeren's next movie The Gratitude Experiment be released?

The release date has not been officially announced although I saw on another webnsite that it is potentially arriving in summer of 2009.

Will The Gratitude Experiment be better than The Secret?

The Gratitude Experiment is a movie by Douglas Vermeeren who created the law of attraction film The Opus. The Gratitude experiement now has a website up where you can see the trailer. There is not much else that is known about the movie at this point, except that it is creating a stir among religious groups who feel the movie will take a very scientific approach to possibly explain away their belief in God and replace it with a new-agey conversation about how all things are the result of calculated science. This argument is somewhat unfounded as no one has ever said what the film will teach or portray. His last film did express a few comments that would lead one to belief that Vermeeren does belief in God, but at the same time one of the spekaers within the film, Jack canfield shared a very evolutionist view of the creation of the universe. There is no news yet on who Vermeeren has chosen as participants in this latest film. perhaps that will be more of an indicator of what we can expect.

When was Gratitude - Gratitude album - created?

Gratitude - Gratitude album - was created in 2005.

What is the Conclusions for a force table experiment?

to see what happen in the experiment

What is depth of gratitude?

depth of gratitude

How do you write gratitude in sanskrit?


What kind of noun is gratitude?


What is the sentence of gratitude?

You have my unending gratitude.

How long is the movie the experiment?

96 minutes