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There was no such disaster like people probably think it was.

Mostly, we all know, that Michael was very unhappy during his childhood. He started his music career to soon for a kid, and he really had lost his childhoon. He was working all the time, and for whole his life he had to go everywhere with security or by the limo. That life for a little boy was exctining but not for so long. Michael didn't know how to have fun as a child. His father was very strict, he just wanted the boys to perform well and proffesional.

More details you can reach in Michael's book: "Moonwalk" that he wrote himself.

For sure, Michael had no such thing like childhood. He born adult already, and died trying to be a kid.

I think he was a child in his heart and nobody can blame him for his relationship with children. For sure there was no such thing like child molesting! Those relatioships were never sexual. That was the mistake of the world to blame Michael Jackson for hurting children. Biggest mistake I have ever seen.

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Michael never had a childhood, he started his singing career at a very young age, and often said that if the Jackson 5 weren't doing a new album, they would be performing, if they weren't performing they were being interviewed, if they weren't doing that it was rehersal, and on top of that, he would have to do his homework.

it was just non- stop for michael. His father (and manager) would be very abusive towards him and his brothers when rehersing, if he messed up or sang the wrong notes or did the wrong dance moves his father would hurt them.

Michael said that he hated his childhood.

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He was extremely abused and when he grew up he wished he had a normal childhood and that is why he liked kids so much. When he died they found a stuffed teddy bear in his closet.

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Q: What were childhood struggles in Michael jacksons life?
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