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They ended his life.

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Q: How did drugs impact Michael jacksons life?
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What did Michael Jackson do to stop racism?

During Michael Jacksons life he fought for everybody to be treated equally

What was Michael jacksons school life like?

ok...... he had a tutor though for like 2 or 3 hours after school

Will Neverland Ranch be turned into a museum for Michael Jacksons life?

There are no plans to turn Neverland into a Graceland type attraction.

How did the Olympics impact the life of Michael Phelps?

Um .. Tremendously? you can answer that one yourself

What were Michael Jacksons problems in life?

he had a big butt which made him have cancer and his butt popped and then made him the king of pop. Mike you should have kept your big butt!

Is Michael jacksons moonwalk biography the same as the magic and the madness?

No they are completely different, Moonwalk was written by Michael and is mostly about his career with a bit about his personal life, The Magic and the Madness is by J. Randy Taraborrelli and is mostly about his personal life (marriages, legal troubles) and the highlights of his career, the most recent copy covers his entire life (birth to death).

What is a title of a book about Jesse Jackson?

Jesse jacksons life

Uri Geller said that many times tried to stop Michael Jackson to take drugs it's true?

Doubtful, Michael cut Uri out of his life after the Bashir interview, he wouldn't have a clue what was happening in Michael's life, when they were "friends" he only saw him a handful of times.

What are life saving drugs?

There are several life saving drugs in the world. Some of the drugs are antibiotics, chemo drugs, and pain medicines.

How did the 80's impact American life?

The 1980s impacted American life by changing the focus of life from family to making money. Drugs began to impact the cities heavily and television played a large role in family life. Women entered the work force in large numbers and the Aids virus changed the course of human sexuality.

What is the name of Michael Jackson hairstyle?

Jackson had many different hairstyles through out his life, these include: 1958-1978: Afro 1979-1990: Jheri Curl 1990-1994: Long Straight 1994-1997: Short Straight 1997-2009: Long Straight

What impact does Michael Jackson have in you life?

Michael Jackson has such a big impact on my life. Even though I have not listened to his music my whole life, which really disappoints me that I wasn't brought up too but once he died everything was so crazy. I started listening to his music and I fell in love with him. He has done so much to help the world and make it a better place and he has influenced me to continue to do this even after his death. He is an amazing person and he will be dearly missed.