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there will be a guy named Cody Davis that goes after little boys because Shakespeare was Micheal jacksons ancestor

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there wouldnt be a life.

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Q: How a life would be without Harry Potter?
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How do you cast Harry Potter spells without bringing evil?

Harry Potter spells are fictitious, they do not work in real life.

What did Harry Potter put in his diary?

Harry Potter didn't keep a diary, that we know of. If he did he would probably have wrote about his life and his feelings.

Could there be an eighth Harry Potter book about Harry and Ginny?

JK Rowling (Author of Harry Potter) says that Harry Potter 8 probably will not happen.

How is Harry Potter you real life?

Harry Potter is a fictitious character; therefore he doesn't have a "real life".

Does Harry Potter have a son in real life?

Harry Potter does not exist in real life and so can have no real life son

Does Harry Potter get married in real life?

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is not married

Should you choose Harry Potter or enchanted?

I would recommend Harry Potter. I have read both, and Harry Potter is better in the way that you really connect with the characters as you read about their journey through life. While Enchanted is a good book, Harry Potter will leave you begging for more.

Can Harry Potter wands in real life cast spells on real people in real life?

Answer: no, it is not physically possible Answer: Harry Potter is a fantasy story. Magic, as used in Harry Potter, doesn't occur in real life.

Who is the young boy with a lightning shaped scar on his forehead?

Harry Potter. This was a result of a failed attempt at his life by Voldemort.

Were does Harry Potter live in real life?

He doesn't. Harry Potter is a fictitious character, so he doesn't "live in real life".

To know more about Harry Potters life?

one can find about harry potter's life on wikipedia or potter lexicon or on rowlings official site.

What evidence can you find that proves Ron Weasley would do anything for Harry in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?

Toward the end of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone Ron Weasley risks his life for Harry when they have to play the wizard chess.