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Ja Rule

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Q: What was the name of the rapper who called out eminem?
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What is the last name of the famous rapper eminem?


What is Eminem rapper name?

His real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers.

Which rapper's real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers3thrd?


Eminem best rapper in the world?

he is the fastest but tupac was the greatest

Was Eminem married to kim the rapper?

No but his ex wife's name is Kim.

What is Eminem's niece name?

Her name is Bre Switzer (15).She is going to be a rapper too.

Is Eminem or Drake a better rapper?


Is Eminem the white rapper?

Eminem is caucasian

How did Marshal Bruce Mathers the III get the name Eminem?

Marshall is an American rapper who released albums such as The Marshall MathersLP and The Eminem Show.Marshall Bruce Mathers is the real name of the rapper Eminem. He is also a songwriter, record producer and actor.

Who is a better rapper Eminem or Damien reed?

I woulds say Eminem is the best rapper in the world

Was eminem the youngest rapper?

Eminem is not the youngest rapper. Many rappers have been and are younger thsan him.

Is Eminem raw?

yes eminem the rapper is raw