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Marshall Mathers never changed his name, his stage name as a rapper is 'Eminem' and he also has an alter ego named 'Slim Shady'.

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Q: Why did Marshall Mathers Change his name?
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What is Eminem last name?

Mathers. His full name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III.

What is emeniem's real name?

Marshall Mathers

What is eminem's first name?

Eminem's first name is Marshall his full name is Marshall Bruce Mathers.

What is enimems real name?

marshall mathers

What is marshall mathers full name?

Marshall Bruce Mathers III

What is marshall mathers rap name?

Marshall Mathers goes by Eminem or Slim Shady

What is eminem's dads name?

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr.

What is the eminem Real name?

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr

What is mashall mathers middle name?

Marshall Mathers middle name is Bruce

What is marshall mathers mom's name?

Deborah Mathers-Briggs is his mothers name.

What was Eminem's parents name?

Deborah Nelson Mathers and Marshall Bruce Mathers II. (Eminem is Marshall Bruce Mathers III)

Is slim shady eminem's real name?

No, his real name is: Marshall bruce mathers III.