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Eminem definately. Hes the ultimate rapper.

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Q: Which rapper has got the best lyrics?
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Is Eminem the best rapper in Detroit?

yea he def is but i think the best teen rapper from Detroit is Ra Shawn he got a song called I'm Fly

Where can one find the lyrics of the song 'Nasty' performed by the rapper Nas?

To find the lyrics to songs such as the song 'Nasty' by the rapper Nas, one should visit lyric videos on Youtube. Alternatively, try lyrics sites such as 'Metro Lyrics'.

What rapper never writes his lyrics down?

lil Wayne

Who is lyrically the best rapper of all time?

Eminem is the greatest lyricist of all time. Not the greatest rapper, just the greatest lyricist. Lyrics wise no body, not even Pac or Biggie could have surpassed Eminem.

What impact does rapper drake have on children teens and adults?

he is a mixed race rapper who influences kids thru his music and lyrics.

What is the best rapper alive name?

The Game is the best rapper alive.

Who is the best chicano rapper?

the best chicano rapper is mr criminal!

Is S.O.C.O.M. the best Christian Rapper?

yes he is. I watched him live in a concert at my church. his lyrics are so smooth and full of inspiration. He is very good at speaking his mind.

Who is the rapper ATM?

A rapper from Milwaukee he hot his a Mexican dude he got it tho

Tupac is better rapper then lil Wayne?

yes his lyrics can touch your hart

What girl rapper sings the lyrics in new york?

hey she is friend she is that good

Whose the best rapper ever?

Tech N9ne is the best rapper out there. (I believeee)