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it had to be the sage of six paths or the 1st or the 4th or madara;s old body or his brother

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Q: What was in the box when kabuto saw to madara?
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How is madara Uchiha still alive?

he said that he had an enormous amount of chakra so he could survive for very long

Why is madara after konan to get nagatos body in chapters 508 and 509 when kabuto has already got it as he shows him in chapter 490?

He only has too use souls and not and bodys

Does orochimaru come back?

Itachi Uchiha did come back to life after Kabuto and Madara Uchiha allied. He is resummoned by Kabuto along with many other powerful ninja

Did kabuto die?

Before Orochimaru dies, Kabuto transfers his DNA to himself. So over time, Kabuto is becoming more and more like his master. His techniques are the same and his power is TREMENDOUS!

Is naruto stronger than kabuto in Shippuden?

Before Kabuto merged with Orochimarus cells, he was not stronger then Kakashi Hatake. In the current manga and anime, Its up for debate because even though Kabuto is now merged with Orochimarus cells in an all out fight he still does not compare to Itachi Uchiha (alone), or Sauske Uchiha (alone). Itachi Uchiha (alone) or Sauske Uchiha (alone) can kill Kabuto easily but they need to capture him which is more difficult. While Kakashi Hatake doesn't compare to full strength Itachi Uchiha. As of now he can still able to compete or "hold his own" with Sauske Uchiha. With that said, its hard to say who would win because they are both versatile, Smart and have much experience in combat (Kakashi has more Experience) On paper, Kabuto is stronger In a fight, Kakashi because of how skilled he is has a high probability of winning.

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Who is in kabuto's last coffin?

the REAL Madara Uchiha

Will kabuto die?

Yes in battle against madara after betraying him.

Did madara bring back itachi?

No, Kabuto is the one reviving the dead.

Is madara still alive?

No, though Kabuto did ressurect him for the Fouth Shinobi World War.

Did madarra Uchiha die?

*SPOILERS* According to the latest manga, yes, Madara Uchiha had been dead for a while now, proven when he was revived with the Resurrection Jutsu by Kabuto. This suggests that the "secret weapon" that Kabuto used against our Tobi-Madara man as a threat was reviving the real Madara. The masked man who had claimed to be Madara himself throughout this entire war is a fraud, and his true identity has yet to be determined.

Is Madara actually Tobi?

Yeah.....Madara did it so that the Hidden Leaf Village or some people won't not come after him --------------------------- Actually, no, swe found out in semi-recent manga chapters that Uchiha Madara was resurrected by Yakushi Kabuto. Tobi is nobody.

How madara became alive after being defeated by first Hokage?

It seems the person everyone believed was Madara Uchiha, is a fake, as the real Madara Uchiha's dead body was in Kabuto's possession, and he has been revived by the Impure World Resurrection technique.

Does Kabuto as Orochimaru bring back the akatsuki to Madara Uchiha?

Yes he does but not as orochimaru He has control over oro's powers inside his body

In manga who do you think is the last person summon by Kabuto when he met Madara for negotiation?

There are many people that I think was in that sixth casket that Kabuto summoned.One could be The First Hokage since Madara lost to him.The other one could be Madara's brother because they were both equally matched and could control him.The next one could be Madara's old body and he could recall his soul to the body and control him with that jutsu he used to summon them.The last one I think could be Obito's body because it is still in the realm of oissibility that Madara is using Obito's body and he could control Madara at the same time.

How did Orochimaru summon a dead 1st Hokage Madara Uchiha against the 3rd when he isn't really dead?

Madara Uchiha was never the first Hokage... Hashirama Senju was the first hokage. Madara Uchiha is really dead though, and was revived by Kabuto using Orochimaru's technique.

How is madara Uchiha still alive?

he said that he had an enormous amount of chakra so he could survive for very long

Will mandara kill Naruto?

If "Madara" is the man in the swirly mask, most likely. That or the tailed beasts will. Not, the man in the swirly mask isn't "Madara", but somebody completely different. "Madara"'s body has been recovered, and from Kabuto, reanimated, and is currently fighting Tsunade, and the other Kage's. Around chapter 570ish.