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Before Kabuto merged with Orochimarus cells, he was not stronger then Kakashi Hatake.

In the current manga and anime, Its up for debate because even though Kabuto is now merged with Orochimarus cells in an all out fight he still does not compare to Itachi Uchiha (alone), or Sauske Uchiha (alone). Itachi Uchiha (alone) or Sauske Uchiha (alone) can kill Kabuto easily but they need to capture him which is more difficult.

While Kakashi Hatake doesn't compare to full strength Itachi Uchiha. As of now he can still able to compete or "hold his own" with Sauske Uchiha.

With that said, its hard to say who would win because they are both versatile, Smart and have much experience in combat (Kakashi has more Experience)

On paper, Kabuto is stronger

In a fight, Kakashi because of how skilled he is has a high probability of winning.

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No, Madara is way stronger and he is opportunist too. So he maybe using him for his plan to be successful as he has less to fight with him. Kabuto has Orochimaru's body inside him and its Orochimaru's power and Orochimaru was defeated by Sasuke's normal sharingan but Madara has Eternal Mangekyo sharingan. If he uses it then Kabuto will be gone.

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Yes, he is stronger. He has the sage mode and also the power of the Kyuubi.

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Q: Is naruto stronger than kabuto in Shippuden?
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