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Yes.You can see it in naruto shippuden 53%54

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mighty guy is a beast

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Q: Is Sasuke stronger than yamato
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Is madara stronger than Sasuke?

no sasuke was weak and madara took him but later in the manga sasuke took itachi's eyes and implanted it in him. When he was able to use his eyes, he will become much stronger than Madara. Now that he is able to do so, Sasuke can learn space time ninjutu as he can mimic it. With the strong uchiha blood , he will not face side effects like kakashi. As i watched an episode, i learned that yamato can use the technique but he wouldn't have been able to hold it. Sasuke can use amaterasu and susanoo without dealing with any effects. Madara is just a plain shell and does't have the ability to use any of the techniques.

Who are the members of team Kakashi?

Also know as team 7. Original members are Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. Sasuke was replaced by Sai after Sasuke left for Orochimaru. And Yamato (Tenzo) replaced Kakashi temperory as Kakashi was resting after battle.

Did Sasuke attempted to kill sakura?

Did Sasuke attempt to kill Sakura?Well,no,but on the episode,"Invitation from the Sound",Sasuke hits(or slaps) Sakura outcold and lays her on a bench. Though,he was not actually seen putting Sakura on the bench.Also,later in Shippuden,Sasuke becomes more violent and Sakura even attempts to kill Sasuke just to bring him back to the village,but Sasuke is much stronger than Sakura so no one knows.I believe so. When Team 7 found Sasuke with Oro Sasuke was about to kill Sakura because once again she was in the way an if not for Yamato to stop him he probably would have succeeded.Well right now in ch 483 sasuke and sakura meet again.Sakura tells sasuke she wants to be with him but he says she has to kill karin to be with him.She cant decide if she wants to kill karin or him.All of a sudden he tries to kill sakura but kakashi comes in and blocks the hit.So yes sasuke did try to kill sakura again and he did not show affection to her at all.

Who is stronger naruto with ninetails control or sasuke?

well after naruto defeated pain zetzu said that naruto was probably now stronger than sauske. added with his control of the 9-tials, naruto is probably stronger or at the same level as sauske

Is Sasuke stronger than Naruto?

Hell yeah! LOL i like that hell yeah but yes he is narutos wind fuma shurikan rasaingun vrs chidori full body sasuke would lose lightning vrs wind is a no go for lightning like waters strong against fire u know. so when theyd attk naruto would kill sasuke . Well first if we compare naruto's sage of six path mode and sasuke's eternal mangekyou sharingan then sasuke would probably win. But when naruto uses his new power which is the sage mode, sage of six path mode combined together then sasuke wouldn't stand a chance. (Watch naruto chapter 571 to see his new power)

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Who is stronger shikamura or Sasuke?

Sasuke is more stronger than Shikamura but he is smarter

Is Uchiha Sasuke Stronger the Uzamaki Naruto?

Naruto is indeed stronger than sasuke

Is Rock Lee stronger than Sasuke in the show Naruto?

Rock Lee is stronger than Sasuke for a limited amount of time in the chuunin exams. After that, Sasuke is always much stronger.

Who is stronger kankuro or Sasuke?

sasuke is way stronger than kankuro

Who is stronger Sasuke or Kakashi?

Kakashi clearly because Kakashi Is His master and he taught him The Chidori and The Sharingan and Orochimaru tought Sasuke some things but Kakashi is stronger than Orochimaru before he died that's why Kakashi IS stronger than Sasuke

Who is stronger Sasuke or Naruto in Naruto shippuuden?

Naruto is stronger then Sasuke because in episode 240 until 254 he will obtain kyubi mode that is stronger than Sasuke's susano

Is Sasuke stronger than Jiraiya?

Before when Sasuke was 12 no way but now he could

Is kakuzu stronger than Sasuke?

If you mean Sasuke With Mangekyo Then Kakuzu Is No match for him :P

What in danzo secret mission?

Danzo wants to kill sasuke but Sasuke is stronger than him