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Economic development would get rid of the need for slavery (APEX)

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Q: What was an argument of the Northern Whigs?
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What was an argument of northern whigs?

Economic development would get rid of the need for slavery

What was the argument of northern Whigs?

Economic development would get rid of the need for slavery (APEX)

Conscience Whigs were Northern Whigs Who?

Opposed slavery

Why were Northern Whigs known as cotton Whigs?

The whigs from the North were known as Conscience Whigs and those of the South were known as Cotton Whigs. The ones in the north opposed slavery except for the factory owners, which liked slavery die to the cheap cotton. the Southern Whigs supported slavery and wished to expand it into the territories.

Why did the whig party expel president tyler from their political party?

Northern Whigs became Republicans, Southern Whigs became Democrats

By 1856 the Republican Party included in its membership people who were?

northern whigs

The republican party was formed mostly by?

northern whigs and free soldiers

Which political party dominated politics in the northern U. S. from the election of Abraham Lincoln until the election of FDR in 1932?


What parties that made up the new republican party?

Whigs, Democratic's, and some northern Democrats.

Who emerged in the 1850s as an antislavery party and consisted of former Northern Whigs and antislavery Democrats?

the whigs and democrats embraced the idea of popular sovereignty

What was a Whigs party argument in support of the building of transportation systems by the federal government?

State governments could not do the job well on their own.

What was the result of the whig party break up?

Many of the old Northern Whigs moved to the new Republican party. The Southern Whigs formed the Constitutional Union Party and became Democrats after the Civil war.