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Michael Jackson's casket was made out of gold.

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Q: What was Michael Jackson's casket made of?
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What kind of flowers were at the Michael Jacksons memorial service?

Red roses, bells of Ireland on the casket

Will they cremate Michael Jackson?

No. He was buried in a casket made of gold

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this is it. there was no music video made for it.

What is Michael Jacksons heart made out of?

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Was Michael Jacksons casket open for his children to view him and say goodby?

No. The kids and the rest of the family said goodbye at the hospital after he just died. That was the last time they saw him.

Is it true Michael Jackson's casket is of Lucifer?

the casket was made by batesville casket company. I dont know how anyone could link that with lucifer. if you want to take a look at it, visit the related links box below where I posted the link with the casket.

Was Kris kross in Michael jacksons vid?

Yep... They sure were. In the Jam video they made a cameo.

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Michael is a Virgo

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