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a monkey

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Q: What did Michael jacksons monkey look like?
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What does Michael Jacksons nose look like?

like peter pan

What does Lisa Presley and Michael Jacksons child look like?

Michael and Lisa never had a child together.

Why was Michael Phelps bullied?

He was bullied in school because his ears made him look like a monkey.

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Like a shadow monkey.

How big is a howler monkey look like They look like a regular monkey and they can be red and brown?

the monkey is ya mum XD

What does a monkey apple look like? looks like a Monkey

Who is going to look after Michael jacksons kids now he has passed away?

his mum, but when she cant, diana ross [:

What does monkey looks like?

It look likes a monkey.

What does the monkey look like when its born?

a baby monkey.

What does a baby howler monkey look like?

they look like this

Why does Hanuman look like a monkey?

Hanuman is a Monkey God.

How do Michael Jackson's kids look?

you can look it up on Google go to the images and tyoe in Michael jacksons kids or prince Michael jackson1, Paris Katherine Michael Jackson, prince Michael Jackson 2( blanket) They look just like Michael!