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Jusitn's fave type of movie is comedy or Horror. His alltime favorite movie is Step Brothers.

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Justin Bieber is a popular singer, performer, and actor. As of June 2014 he is 20 years old but his favorite movie genre is not listed.

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R-rated movies

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Q: What type of movies does Justin Bieber like to watch?
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What movies does Justin Bieber like to watch?

rated r movies

Does justin bieber like to watch movies?

Justin Beiber is just like you and me so yes

What does Selena Gomez like to do in the morning?

I don't know !! But in the evenings She hangs out with Justin Bieber Then They watch Movies together !!

Does Justin Bieber watch twilight?

No, he doesn't like it

What kind of movies does Justin Bieber like?

comedy and horror

What is Justin Bieber like to do if he have no song?

play basketball, watch movies. play sports, (basketball, ice hockey) hang out with friends and family

What kind a movies does justin bieber like?

In 2010 It was The Rocky Series

Did Justin Bieber watch new moon?

No. He doesen't like twilight.

I want to watch Justin bieber in concert because?

because i like him

Are there more people that do like Justin Bieber or are there more people that do not like Justin Bieber?

Well,if you watch the justin bieber music video"baby" on youtube(I didn't watch it,it was someone else who watched it),it has more dislikes than likes,so he must have more haters.

Does Justin bieber like hearts?

I think yes because Justin is a good singer and i watch his movies alot and is hobbies and everythinghis a good man. He has a big heart and he likes hearts very much.

Does Justin bieber like to watch SpongeBob?

yes Justin bieber loves spongebob remember he is still just a little kid at heart