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Q: Does Justin bieber like to ride ripsticks?
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How do you be like Justin Bieber?

To be like Justin Bieber you have to not like uggs.And like Rihanna but you have to like purple and blue and like to ride skate boards and be in to DC and monster and rockstar.

Is there a guitar in the song ride by Justin Bieber?


Is the song ride by Justin bieber on iTunes?

Yes it is!

Does Justin bieber like girls that ride skate boards?

I think so because he also skateboards.

What is Justin Bieber's new song for 2010?

Ride, Mama's boy

What are somenew songs from Justin Bieber?

Pray!!(: Ride & also Heartache;

Does Justin Bieber ride horeses?

no he doesn't. his ex gf Caitlin does though

Does Justin Bieber ride quads?

I dont know, but he does love to surf in Malabu

Why can't Justin Bieber ride a bike?

because heed rather sing

Who is that guy that as someting ride on is shirt in the music video somady to love Justin bieber?

That is Ryan Butler

What is beter skateboard or ripstick?

ripsticks not only look gay, but there are no tricks for them, and girls don't like guys who ride them either! skateboards are the ultimate item in the sport industry

Does Justin Bieber ride horses?

He has ridden a horse before but he does not usually ride horses. Once he rode friend's horse bareback and then with an English saddle.