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His shoe smells like sweet and someday

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Q: What does Justin Bieber's shoes smell like?
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What does Justin Biebers laptop stickers say?

Justin biebers laptop sticker says 'i like you better when your naked'

When is Justin Biebers dads birthday well i think his dad birthday is like April 25th or something like that?

wrong! Justin biebers birthday is on march 1.

What do Justin biebers parents look like?

get on Google and look up Justin biebers parents duhhh

How tall have Justin Biebers girlfriend have to be?

Justin biebers girlfriend have to be 5 foot tall like me lol xxx

Does justin bieber like the name nicola?

Justin biebers favourite name is Nicola

How does Justin Biebers mom look like?

very pretty

What is Justin biebers signature colour?

purple just like me

What does Justin Biebers ex girlfriend look like?

Justin Biebers ex girlfriends name is Caitlin PS. i <3 Justin Bieber so much you don't even know!!!!!!!!!!

How would you have to get recinized like Justin Bieber?

to get Justin Biebers attention in a crowd you have to scream the loudest.

How does Justin Biebers like?

Justin bieber likes Selena Gomez ... But not any Random girl

Would Justin Biebers fans like Selena Gomez?

no because she is dating Justin bieber.

How can you be Justin Biebers friend on facebook?

You have to like the fanpage, that's his fanpage.