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in your moms chest hair

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Q: What time period did the movie batman begins take place?
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What order should you watch the batman movies in?

the live-action movies are as follows: Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises

Can you understand The Dark Knight without watching Batman Begins?

It would make more sense to see the movie with the origin story for Batman first. The Scarecrow has a cameo at the beginning of the second film, so the viewer would be more familiar with what is going on if they had already seen him as an important character in the first film. The film is probably able to be followed okay by itself, but it is a sequel expecting the viewer to already have seen the original.

Which Batman movie is the best and Why?

Batman (1989). Because its was very classic and original Batman movie that time. The Batman theme and the storyline was so great. Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger play their role very good. Most of all, I like the part where Batman fighting against the Joker and the Joker members. It's so awesome. Some more that time their movie was on the list of Top 10 1989 movies. Batman (1989) was a runner-up in 2nd place. Although Batman (1989) was a runner-up, but I consider their movie was a best superhero movie of all time.

Where can a person go to find information on the new Batman movie?

A person can find information on the new Batman movie from several locations. The Internet Movie Database is always a good place to begin. The production company of the film would be a good alternative.

Did Tom Cruise ever acted as batman?

The only time he wore the Batman suit was a scene in Batman Forever. The scene where his ex-wife Dr. Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman) had to kiss Batman and she tells him, “my place at 8.”

Does the butler die in batman begins?

No he doesn't because penguin never kiled him in the firdt place he just locked him in a closet with duckover his mouth and arm and legs

Concerning the production of the new Batman movie with Heath Ledger playing joker will someone take Heaths place?

The new Batman movie wrapped filming in August. Heath was involved in the entire production. Heath, however will effect the promotion, due to the fact that it was heavily focused on the Joker.

What New Batman Adventures is where Robin is kidnapped by Joker?

It didn't happen in The New Batman Adventures. Look up Batman Beyond Return of the Joker, it's a movie that takes place in the Batman Beyond timeline. Barbara Gordon has a flashback as she tells the new batman (Terry Mcginnis) what happened to them after Tim Drake/Robin was kidnapped and tortured by the joker for 3 weeks. *It shows the flashback in a 10 minute clip*

What is it called when a movie begins with an event and then shows what caused the event in the first place and all the events leading up to the current ex.The way Emperor's New Groove begins?

a flashback

A place that begins with N?

a place that begins with n could be new zealand

What year did the Samantha American girl movie take place?

1904 is the time period of the Samantha - American Girl movie and dolls.

What LEGO stores sell LEGO Batman?

Sadly, Lego Batman is not manufactured any more, however a great place to buy Lego Batman is Ebay.