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It didn't happen in The New Batman Adventures. Look up Batman Beyond Return of the Joker, it's a movie that takes place in the Batman Beyond timeline. Barbara Gordon has a flashback as she tells the new batman (Terry Mcginnis) what happened to them after Tim Drake/Robin was kidnapped and tortured by the joker for 3 weeks. *It shows the flashback in a 10 minute clip*

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Q: What New Batman Adventures is where Robin is kidnapped by Joker?
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In what batman episode does the joker steal robin?

Batman Beyond, the film :)

What cartoon does the joker make robin his son?

Because robin never focus on his job batman gave him and robin acts like a dummy. So does that answer your question?

Who are other characters from the movie batman and robin?

joker face..

Will Batman kill joker?

Yes because joker killed Jason Todd the second robin

Who is night wing?

Robin, after batman dies or batman and Robin depart .Note that Robin is only called Nightwing in the future or later present. JOKER RULES.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Adventures of Batman and Robin - 1994 VG?

The Adventures of Batman and Robin - 1994 VG is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G USA:K-A

Does robin get injured in batman?

yes he is shot bye joker in the sholder. no he did NOT die.

What is ⅓ ⅖ ⅚ ⅛ in order from least to greatest?

Batman, Robin, Joker, Brick Hope this helped!

What episode of the Adventures of Batman and Robin does Catwoman figure out Batman's secret identity?

She doesn't.

What is the difference between the joker and robin?

The difference is the joker is crazy and bad and the robin is good and robin helps batman defeat the joker. Robin fights for what is right and to save people from bad people like the joker and tries to prove there is hope in humans. The joker simply likes to make a mess of things and tries to prove people are as evil as he is.

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Why did the Joker and Harley Quinn decide to kidnap Robin and morph him into a Joker Junior when they could have just had a biological child?

They actually wanted to torture Batman. Joker had another plan that when he died, Robin would take his place as the Joker. He thought it would annoy Batman even more that Robin would be working for the Joker and that one day Robin would be fighting the dark knight. But tragically, Harley Quinn dies because Batgirl couldn’t help her from the bottomless pit the girls where fighting in. She fell into the pit. Comment f