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There is Batman and Robin (not Batman and two robins).


There are 3 different Robins. However, only one ever wears the suit at any time.

Dick Grayson, the first Robin, left Batman and later became Nightwing.

Jason Todd, Robin #2, died.

Tim Drake, the final Robin, was driven insane by the Joker.

Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne also are Robin at some points.

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there were three:

#1 dick grayson (who later became nightwing)

#2 jason todd (who died, was revived in the lazarus pit and became the red hood)

#3 tim drake (who is the current robin)

hope that answers your question

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The Batman stories only include one character who is called ROBIN. But, there were five different boy wonders. Not counting what ifs like frank millers the Dark Knight. There have been 5 robins Dick Grayson, an ex gymnast whose parents died in action; Jason Todd, who was only Robin for a short amount of time before he was killed by the Joker;, Stephanie Brown, a female robin who later became the new Batgirl; and Tim Drake. Then once Bruce Wayne discontinued being Batman, Richard Grayson took the cape, with Damian Wayne (who is Bruce Wayne's biological son) as Robin.

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Q: Are there two robins in Batman?
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Batman's cape is black. Robin's cape is yellow on the inside and black on the outside.

What is robins occupation in Batman?

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What is robins full name from Batman?

Richard John "Dick" Grayson

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Who is Batman's ward?

The answer is Robin. There have been several Robins over the years but the original was Dick Grayson. Other Robins were Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, and Damien Wayne.

How many dc robins are there?

There are 5 robins. The first is Dick Grayson, the second is Jason Todd (Red Hood), the third is Tim Drake, the fourth is Stephanie Brown and the fifth is Damian Wayne (Batman's son.)

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