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Cheese Chili Fries when Gabriella slips on milk and dumped it on Sharpay's chest.

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Q: What spills all over Sharpay at lunch?
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Who wrote the songs in High School Musical?

01. Laughter (Cast)02. Mixin' My Turn (Troy)03. Dance In The Rythm If U Wannabe (Sharpay & Sharpettes)04. Our Prom Time! (Cast)05. Let's See It (Darbus & Jack Bolton)06. I am Over You (Sharpay & Gabriella)07. Miss Is Coming to Here (Ryan & Gabriella)08. The Dress (Cast)09. Hollywood in School (Sharpay, Taylor & Kelsi)10. I Was Thinkin About Everytime (Gabriella & Troy)11. It Will Never End (Cast)

What kind of dog does Sharpay own on High School Musical 2?


Who directed 13 the musical?

Kenny Ortega?? All i know is that he produced from justin to kelly, all the cheetah girls films, and all the high school musicals aswell as the one about sharpay. Other then musicals he directed gilmore girls.. idk, hes done a lot though

What is the theme of high school musical?

a school is on summer break and the whole school has a summer job in sharpay and Ryan's family's golf club sharpay is miss evans and Ryan is mr. evans Gabriella is a life guard troy is a waiter chad i think is a waiter too and Taylor is someone who helps with difficult jobs i don't really know alot about her

How Do You Act Like Sharpay Evans from HSM?

Hi! I'm Chloe and here are some fab tips to be like Sharpay.1. Take dancing and singing lessons like Sharpay.2. If you want to stand out in the crowd like Sharpay wear bright colours and sparkly stuff, espiecally pink!3. Choose one of your favourite Sharpay songs, record yourself as Sharpay! Don't forget to dress like her!4. Go for different styles. Glam, sophiscated, whatever!5. Practice so hard to beat out other people!6. Have your favourite Sharpay song as your ringtone.7. Watch Sharpay dancing and try to copy her.8. Practice your vocal exercises like Sharpay does with Ryan, like "brrr, brr, brrr, ma!" You can practice your vocal exercises to calm down before you go on stage.9. Don't be scared of competition and try your best!10. Dress in different sparkly colours! Sparkly pink, blue and silver go so well together!11. Wear good colours to stand out on stage!12. Always wear pink lip gloss!13. Always had extra sparkle, like sparkly eyeshadow or mascara!14. If you haven't got blonde hair you can always buy a wig!

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Does sharpay wear pink all the time?

Sharpay doesn't wear pink all the time but most of the time!

Does the gyro bowl work?

No it spills all over the place

Who is a better singer Sharpay or Gabriella?

It's all about opinion.

What does sharpay wear?

sharpay wears mostly pink but she wears little mini dresses skirts lovely sparkly tops mostly pink but occasionally all pink!

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Why was the pool closed in all for one in high school musical 2?

Sharpay's family owns Lava Spring Country Club. If Sharpay thinks of closing the pool she'll just do it in a split second!

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Does sharpay have a boyfriend?

Sharpay is a fictional character from the movie "High School Musical" portrayed by Ashley Tisdale. In the movies, she does not have a boyfriend as her focus is on her career and ambitions.

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What 's the story about of high school musical 2?

It's about Troy, Gabriella and their friends getting a job in a country club, which is owned by Sharpay and Ryan's parents. A talent show takes place every year and Sharpay always wins the award, this time Troy and friends decide to take part but Sharpay wants Troy to sing with her. So she introduces him to her parents, they offer him a scholarship on the condition he will sing wih Sharpay. Ryan gets angry because he wanted to sing with Sharpay, so he leaves and makes friends with Troy's friends and teaches them how to dance. In the meantime Troy forgets about Gabriella because he's always trying to impress Sharpay's parents, so Gabriella leaves him. Troy realises he was wrong, at the end he refuses to sing with Sharpay. All the friends sing together in the talent show, they all make up, Ryan wins the prize and Troy and Gabriella kiss.

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