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Q: What songwriter has the most hits in the top 40?
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What was Gilbert O Sullivan most famous for?

Gilbert O'Sullivan is an Irish singer-songwriter most well known for his 1970s hits "Alone Again (Naturally)", "Claire", and "Get Down". Worldwide he has charted 16 top 40 hits.

Who had most hits songs journey or Santana?

Journey has had almost twice as many top 40 hits as Santana

Who is the most successful rock band of all time?

The Beatles because they have the most top 40 hits.

Who has the most top 40 hits in the us billboard single charts?

Mariah Carey

Who had the most hits The Beatles or the stranglers?

Who the hell were the stranglers? I'm pretty sure it was the Beatles. This could be tricky to be absolutely sure but I do know the Stranglers had over 40 top 40 hits. As far as UK top 40 hits go, I count 25 for the Beatles, and 24 for The Stranglers. Surprisingly close.

How many hits did the electric light orchestra have in America?

they had 20 Top 40 hits

What artist has the most top 40 hits during the 1980s?

the artist with the most UK top 40 hit singles during the 1980s was Shakin Stevens. Shakys career spanned exactly the whole decade, with first hit in 1980 and the last in 1989.

How many No. 1 hits did Madonna have in the UK?

As a solo artist she had 14 top 40 hits

How may consecutive hits did the bee gees have from 1977 to 1979?

They had 30 top 40 hits

How many hits did The Beach Boys have?

they had 36 top 40 hits in the US 1962-1988

How many top 40 hits has mariah Carey had?

uk: 37

How many top 40 hits did status quo have in 1975?

None Their only top 40 entry was "Pictures of Matchstick Men" in June, 1968