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Q: Who has the most top 40 hits in the us billboard single charts?
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Who wrote twenty number one hits?

George Strait wrote 20 number one hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The Beatles have the most number one singles (20) on the Billboard charts.

Female singer with the most billboard number 1 hits?

It Is Mariah Carey With 18 no1 singles 1 single more then Elvis Presley and 2 less then the beatle's she is ranked number 2 on the billboard singles charts with the most number 1 singles just 2 more away from being a tie with the number 1 ranked beatles and 3 more away from making history and having the most number 1 singles on the billboard charts over all can she do it??? we have no idea :)

What artist had the most top 100 singles on the billboard charts?


What artist had the most number one singles on the Billboard charts of the 1980's?


What was Tony Bennett's largest selling single?

From a 'Billboard' standpoint, it was ' In the Middle of an Island', which reached number nine in 1957. From a purely 'what gets played the most' standpoint, it was 'I Left My Heart in San Francisco', which only reached number 19 in the 'Billboard' charts in 1962.

Who has the most billboard top hits?

Mariah Carey

Who recorded the first rock and rill hit to enter the billboard music charts?

The rock era charts began in January 1955. Prior to July, most of the hits that year were pretty much vanilla pop, Until Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and The Comets raced to the top of the charts in early July, 1955

What is Wiz Khalifa most famous for?

Cameron Jibril Thomaz who performs under the stage name of Wiz Khalifa is a well known American rapper. His single Black and Yellow hit number one on the Billboard charts.

What group has the most no 1 hits in world?

the beatles. they had 20 no.1 hits on the billboard 100

What songs is Rihanna most famous for?

Rihanna's top billboard hit was "We Found Love." It spent ten weeks at the number one position of the billboard charts. It was from the album "Talk That Talk" in 2011.

What artist has the most number one singles on billboard charts?

On the Hot 100 singles chart, it is The Beatles, with 20 #1 hits. Mariah Carey is in second place with 18, followed by Elvis Presley with 17.

Who had the most 1 hits on billboard charts in 1964?

The Beatles had the most number ones by far with six, totalling 18 weeks at number one. There was one week during the 1960s (not sure if it was '64) when all five of the top five songs were Beatles songs.