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This was in Shippuden episode 329. The song was Decision.

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Q: What song was playing when Naruto and Kurama fought against the tailed beasts?
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What song was playing when naruto and kurama fought the tailed beasts?

This was in Shippuden episode 329. The song was Decision.

Is the ninetails the strongest tailed beast?

The strongest tailed-beast in the anime series Naruto, is the Nine-Tailed Fox, who currently resides inside Naruto Uzumaki. It's been said many times throughout the course of the series that Kurama (Nine-Tailed Fox) is the strongest tailed beast. He's able to cause tsunamis to appear and flatten mountains with a single swipe from one of his tails. Also, Kurama has stated that each tailed beast's power is determined by the number of tails it has. The nine tailed beasts are all fusions of the Ten-Tailed Beast, but Kurama is the strongest of the nine other tailed-beasts. Gaara's former tailed-beast Shukaku is considered the weakest by Kurama, as he only has one tail.

When is Jiraiya's birthday?

No birthday has been given for the tailed beasts.

Naruto creator of the tailed beasts?

Kyuubi is immortal and was born...well nobody knows when but it was most likely a very long time ago. Dude...Kyuubi is sealed INSIDE of Naruto! How could Naruto ceate Kyuubi if Kyuubi was INSIDE him the whole time?!

Are there beast tribes in Naruto?

No. There are no tribes in Naruto. There are tailed beasts. (naruto being the nine-tailed fox host) And there are villages.

Are any of the tailed beasts in naruto women?

In the original Japanese manga the beasts hasn't been given any gender.

How many of the tailed beasts in Naruto are gone?

all but 1 (8) all but naruto nine tailed fox.

Tailed demands from Naruto?

there are 9 tailed beasts (demons) . but they have been taken by the akatsuki. naruto is the nine tailed beast.

What are the characters in Naruto shipudden?

Mostly ninjas, the tailed beasts hmmmmm what else???

Will Naruto get the rinnengan?

yes,becase when all the tailed beasts met they were talking about naruto saying the sage of the six paths was talking about him

Does Naruto became an Akatsuki?

No. One of Akatsuki's goal was to gather and extract all the nine tailed beasts, which would have resulted in Naruto's death.

What is the real name of nine-tails demon fox in Naruto?

Ahaha. Fancy answering a question like this when you're a super-gigantic Naruto fan. Anyways. The Nine-Tailed Demonfox (Kyuubi) is the the ninth of the Tailed Beasts. It resides in the body of Naruto, being a pro and a con. The pro is that Naruto has a whole lot more power - not that he has a ridiculously huge amount already, but hey. And his wounds heal absurdly fast. The con is that it is extremely hard to suppress the fox when it is lashes out at him, trying to escape from his body and attack again, like it did when Naruto was born. And many people dislike him merely because the fox resides in the body of the wholly innocent Naruto.