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If You Mean Lil Wayne,

iGet Crazy

Is The Song.


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Q: What song does Niki mainaj have with lil wagne?
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Why did Lil Wayne and Niki minaj kiss?

they kissed because he and her had wrote they song and then they leaned together and kissed

Who is better at rapping Niki Manj or lil Wayne?

Well it is easy actually, Niki Manaj is better at rapping then lil Wayne. lil Wayne is good, but if he steps up to Niki Manaj, he will die Niki Manaj can bring her victims down

Is Niki pregnant by Lil Wayne?


Who does Niki manaj date?

she is dating lil Wayne

Who Niki manaj dating?

she is dating Lil Wayne

Did Nicki minaj go out with lilwayne?

no because Niki is to dumb. I no this is the answer sheet but what is that song where Niki goes all around the world do you hear me do you like my body and I'm Niki. does anybody know? Bottoms up

What is the name of the girl in the song with the really fast rapper in bot-tums up?

Niki Minaj she is part of young money a group lil Wayne formed

What is the name of a Lil Wayne CD with the song bed rock?

the cd's name is "we are young money" it is not only by Lil Wayne it is by the group "young money" including lil wayne, drake, gudda gudda, tyga, niki, shanell, mack maine, t-streets, and millz.

Do lil Wayne go with Niki?

No. Drake loves her though. (Listen to Miss Me) and btw, Lil Wayne might RETIRE?! :(

Who are all the people in young money?

Lil Wayne Drake Gudda Gudda Lil Chuckee Lil Twist Mack Maine Niki Minaj Jae Mills Lil Wayne and Drake are the best ones though!

Who is better lil boosie or Lil Wayne?

I think Lil boosie is because Lil Wayne don't song real song

What is lil mama's new song?

Lil mama's new song is Shawty get Loose ~Lil Mama~ now her new song is L.I.F.E