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da song is Lil Wayne featuring drake- every girl

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Q: What is song Lil Wayne say we like her and she like us too?
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What Lil Wayne song repeats lyrics that say I can't Hear ya?

hoes sing - lil Wayne

Why does Lil Twist say that Lil Wayne dughter is his lil sister?

Because lil Wayne is like a big brother to lil twist and he feels like his daughter is his lil sister BUT THEY AREN'T RELATED

What song does lil' Wayne say charity hospital?

Leather So Soft

What song does lil Wayne say ballin is my hobby?

Steady Mobbin' Eazy-E

What song does lil Wayne say Illuminati?

Right above it. Illuminati is yelled quickly

What song does lil Wayne say '' and freedom was my girl until they took her''?

blunt blowin

Lil Wayne's favorite food?

Lil Wayne enjoys a wide range of foods, but his favorite is steak!

Which Lil Wayne song has lyrics that say I'm heading to the top like I'm tied to a rocket baby?

"It's Time To Give Me Mine"

Was Lil Wayne involved in gangs?

nobody really knows exept for lil Wayne some people say he was envolved with the bloodz but in his music video for the song stuntin like my daddy he was seen wearing a blue bandana (the sign for the cripz) so my conclusion is that only lil Wayne knows if he is envolved in gangs i hope this helped you

R and b song that goes you make me want to say yea yea yea?

that song is lil Wayne mrs officer

Who is lil Wayne and why does he rap?

Lil Wayne is my idol he is the best rapper and I'm only 11 and a girl and to the person who say he all ways curse what about his song how to love and you just cursed and also if you had money like that you be doing that to and there's a word for people like you and it's haters so stop being a hater and Lil Wayne keep doing your thing and i will always love your songs

What song contains the lyrics no matter what you say no matter what you've done?

No Matter What - Israel ft Lil Wayne