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The word "prestigious" can be found on pages 71 and 124 in the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

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Q: What page is prestigious on in The Hunger Games?
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What page is where Katniss tells why there are Hunger Games?

Katniss tells why there is a hunger games on page 18.

What page is chapter 10 of the Hunger Games?

The page number at the beginning of chapter 10 in the Hunger Games is page 133. :-)

What page is chapter nineteen on in the Hunger Games?

chapter 19 in hunger games is on page 247

What page is about frogs in the Hunger Games?

There are no pages about frogs in the hunger games.

What page is chapter 11 on in Hunger Games?

chapter seven is on page 86 in the hunger games.

What page is chapter 3 of the hunger games?

page 41 :)

What page is Chapter 3 on in The Hunger Games?

it is page 34

What page is part 2 in The Hunger Games?

Page 25.

What page is chapter 23 in the Hunger Games?

Page 383 in hardback at least :) Assuming you're talking about book one, the Hunger Games.

What page does Chapter 27 of Hunger Games start?

Chapter 27 of The Hunger Games (in the hardcover edition) begins on page 368, and ends on 374.

Where to find Peeta's description in The Hunger Games?

You can find a description of Peeta on page 25 of the Hunger Games. On the bottom of the page. If your looking for a description of how he looks, that is.

What page is Chapter 26 on in The Hunger Games?

Page 420 -Geekchicc