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Page 143 near the middle of the page

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Q: What page does it talk about Titus in Hunger games?
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What page does charlie give Bella the sex talk?

If you have the hard-back book of Eclipse than it should start on page 57 and continue through page 60.

What are some examples of personification in the Hunger Games with page numbers with the page numbers?

Mockingjays and Jabberjays which are made up animals in the book, talk: sort of like carrier pigeons except that they talk but pigeons deliver mail. This is personification because these animals are given human-like abilities (talking) even though they are not human

What happens in Chapter 2 of the Hunger Games?

Katniss Everdeen goes hunting with her friend Gale and they talk about the "Reaping" to happen later that day. When she goes home she fixes dinner for her family and they go to the Reaping. Primrose Everdeen - Katniss's little sister - is chosen to enter The Hunger Games but so she won't get killed Katniss takes her place. The other person is chosen and it is Peeta Mellark, the boy who gave her bread after her father died (in a mine explosion many years earlier) and Katniss gets worried about killing him.

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You can talk about stuff or you can play games or you can go somewhere or you can watch TV together plus lots more.

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Where does it talk about starting a fire in The Hunger Games?

Many, many places. OwO

Who is the hunger games talk show host?

The Capitol hosts The Hunger Games as an event. Caesar Flickerman hosts the tribute interviews. Caesar along with Claudius Templesmith voice over The Hunger Games for the people watching in the Capitol/Districts

Does caesar die in the hunger games?

Caesar Flickerman is just a talk show host who talks about the Capitol, and he interviews the tributes and talks about the Hunger Games when the time comes around because it is about the Capitol.

What can you do for a book report?

You can talk about: - Summary - Characters - Opinion - Comparison - What you learned Books you should read: - The Hunger Games - The Scarlet Letter - Twilight

What page did montag and mildred talk about where they met?

page 40

What is the lesson learned in The Hunger Games?

If you are referring to the 'Hunger Games' within the novel 'The Hunger Games', lessons learned include:discovering that it is possible to fight against the Capitol (shown by when Katniss and Peeta were with the berries at the end)the Capitol is perfectly willing to sacrifice children to prove their point and punish the Districtsplaying on the sympathies of the citizens of the Capitol works (shown by the apparent 'romance' between Katniss and Peeta)If you are referring to 'The Hunger Games' as a novel, here is an example of lessons learned:The lesson of the Hunger Games is a warning. The author is trying to say that if we do not change our inhumane ways (war, pollution, destruction, discrimination, torturing others, etc.), we will be destroyed and the thin line of humanity and inhumanity will be erased or at lease almost erased. The main characters talk about it a lot. The Games itself shows the barbaric ways of the future human population.

How do you download games on a straight talk cell phone?

You just need to download some new apps. If you need help, Straight Talk has an "Apps & More" page that is helpful. The link below will take you there.

Why are the Hunger Games so annoying?

Annoying? Do you mean by the people who talk about The Hunger Games or the book itself? And I think you should read all three books before asking this question, and if you did, I don't think you understood the book properly that you'd call it annoying. How is it annoying, I'd like you to answer that question first than asking a dumb like this.Good day.

Why does katniss change the story of how she acquired prim's goat hunger games?

She wanted to talk about Prim obiviously, plus she had to be talkative with Peeta because of sponsers, she didn't tell him the whole truth about the goat though.

Is there personification used in the Hunger Games?

No, personification is when "dead" objects are given life-like qualities, such as making the bread Peeta gave Katniss talk, or just letting it be alive. You know how mockingjays sing songs they heard? I suppose that MAY be counted, but that's it, if that even counts. I don't recall any personification in it, do you? :) Hope this helps, give me a trust point? Thanks :)

How does The Hunger Games relate to the science of physics?

It really doesn't. But there was a tribute named Beetee that later becomes a scientist. He would talk about random things like aerodynamics, and probably ended up talking about physics.

In what page does aunt Clara talk?

It is in chapter 6. On paperback, it's on page 114.