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Bella Swan is a character from the popular Twilight series penned by Stephanie Meyer. This character was originally known as Isabella Marie "Bella" Swan and later as Bella Cullen.

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Q: What novel is the character Bella Swan from?
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What is the narrator's name in the novel Twilight?

The narrator of the novel Twilight is Bella Swan.

What is Kristen Stewart character?

Bella Swan

Who is tha main character in Twilight?

Isabella (Bella) Swan

Which character was portrayed by Kristen in twilight movies?

Bella Swan.

One major character in new moon?

Bella Swan.

What is the age of Bella swan?

Bella Swan, a character in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, is 17 years old in the first book "Twilight."

When was Bella Swan created?

Bella Swan was created in 2005.

What character does kisten Stewart plat in twilight?

Bella Swan you moran

What is the name of Kristen Stewarts character in twilight?

her name is Bella swan

Who plays the role of Bella Swan?

Kristen Stewart is the actress who played the character of Bella Swan in all of the "Twilight" movies. She was the main female lead in the movies.

In the Twilight books who is Bella?

In the Twilight series, Bella Swan is a normal human being.

Is Bella Swan an evil vampire on eclipse?

No, Bella does not become a vampire until Breaking Dawn, however, Bella Swan is still the most manipulatively evil character in modern literary and film history.