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Yes, she's in

Naruto Shippuuden Movie 2: Bonds

no hinata is not in the curent naruto movies and she is not in shippuden yet.

yes se apears in shippuden between the 30 and 40th episode.

She does not appear in not in ANY MOVIES as of 5/27/08

however, she appears in Naruto shippuuden The movie 2: Bonds. it realeases 8/2/08 in Japan. i think she appears a lot

yes hinata finally makes her first appearance in naruto shippuden bonds in which both hinata and sakura become jealous in the end after seeing naruto in the arms of another girl.

yes in shippuuden movie 3

she does appear in the 1st shippuden movie but only for a moment only running with some other ninja

for your big fat information, she does appear in the movie bonds and she doesn't get jealous!

Listen i was partly mistaken about hinata getting jealous becaus i too was mis informed but sakura does get jealous according to her facial expression when naruto was in amaru's arms hinata was glad that he was ok and she is part of naruto's team since the beginning of the movie. So go and see the movie for your self hinata is there and has a bigger role.

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there are many just wait a little longer and after the pain attack she is there a lot

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Hinata is a good character in Naruto, but she don't have any movies that shes a star in it. i hope this helpsssss

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Q: What naruto movie does Hinata star in?
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Does Sasuke kiss Hinata in the Naruto Shippuden episodes?

they probably do kiss in a movie, but i've seen a picture of naruto and hinata kissing, and it might be real! PROBABLY IN A MOVIE, BUT I KNOW NARUTO KISSES HINATA IN ONE EPISODE, AND HE RELIZES HE LOVES HER. IF YOU ASK A DIFFERENT QUESTION, MY ANSWER WILL COME UP.

In naruto Shippuden the movie does Hinata have a baby?


Does Naruto kiss Hinata in a movie?

No, they never kiss.

In Naruto did Hinata die in the movie?

No. Hinata does not die. Against Pain, she does try to sacrifice her life to save Naruto after revealing her love. She does not die though, nearly dies though.

What happens to Hinata in naruto shippuden movie 3?

Nothing happen to her she is alright

How tall is Hinata in Naruto shuppiden?

In Naruto Shippuuden, Hinata is 160cm tall.

When does Hinata ask Naruto on a date?

Hinata never asks Naruto on a date.

What episode when Naruto and Hinata go on a mission together on a boat?

There never was an episode that they went on a mission in a boat; there was a part in Movie two when Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, and there V.I.P's go on a boat.

Do Naruto marry Hinata?

yes, Naruto does marry Hinata and has 5 childern

Is it true that Hinata told naruto she loved him?

Yes Hinata did tell Naruto that she loved him. Naruto was fighting Pain and Hinata rushed in to help and then she confessed to him.

How does Naruto shippuuden end?

Hinata has a kid and naruto has a kid and Hinata's kid marry Naruto's kid

When does Hinata first pass out in Naruto?

in naruto shippuuden 1st episode when hinata sees naruto she passes out