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Lali Meskhi has: Played Nani in "Pieri - militsiis tanamshromeli" in 1965. Played Natela in "Shekhvedra mtashi" in 1966. Performed in "Male gazapkhuli mova" in 1967. Played Blauhaar in "Spur des Falken" in 1968. Played Lia in "Sinatle chvens panjrebshi" in 1969. Played Irine in "Gogona da jariskatsi" in 1970. Performed in "Ik-Chemtan" in 1990. Performed in "Mizerere" in 1996.

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Hala Sedki has: Performed in "Nos arnab" in 1985. Played Nabila in "The Serpent of Death" in 1990. Played Aziza in "Mogrem Roghma Anfih" in 1991. Played Moshira in "Al-Regala Fi Khatar" in 1993. Performed in "Salma Ya Salama" in 2000. Played Bonnie in "Alexandrie... New York" in 2004. Performed in "Mateegy norkos" in 2006. Played Wedad in "Heya fawda" in 2007. Performed in "Khaltet Fawzeya" in 2008. Played Olympias, Queen of Macedonia in "Young Alexander the great" in 2010.

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Q: What movie and television projects has Hala Sedki been in?
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What is the birth name of Hala Sedki?

Hala Sedki's birth name is Hala Sedki George Yonan.

When was Hala Sedki born?

Hala Sedki was born on June 12, 1961, in Cairo, Egypt.

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