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Hala Sedki's birth name is Hala Sedki George Yonan.

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Q: What is the birth name of Hala Sedki?
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When was Hala Sedki born?

Hala Sedki was born on June 12, 1961, in Cairo, Egypt.

What is the birth name of Zeinat Sedki?

Zeinat Sedki's birth name is Mervat Othman Sedki.

What actors and actresses appeared in Mogrem Roghma Anfih - 1991?

The cast of Mogrem Roghma Anfih - 1991 includes: Mohamed Abo Hashish as Drug Dealer Mohamed Abol Hassan as Fahmy Sameer Ghanem as Esmat Nasr Hammad Samira Sedki Hala Sedki as Aziza Nasr Seif as Boxer

What actors and actresses appeared in Salma Ya Salama - 2000?

The cast of Salma Ya Salama - 2000 includes: Samiha Ayyoub Ahmed Azmi Gehan Rateb Hala Sedki Menna Shalabi

What is Tagalog name of pineapple?

Tagalog Translation of PINEAPPLE: pinya

What does the name hala mean?

hala means welcome or hello. it can also mean the halo around the moon :) its a really creative unique name

When was Aziz Sedki born?

Aziz Sedki was born in 1920.

How many people have the name Hala?

A baby name website, BabyCenter, estimates that since 2006, 32 babies of every one million born in the United States are named Hala. From the 1920s to 2006, an average of about 10 babies per million is estimated to have the name Hala. Another website, HowManyOfMe, estimates that there are fewer than 1,627 people in the US who go by the name Hala.

When was Zeinat Sedki born?

Zeinat Sedki was born in 1913, in Egypt.

Which day hala al turk has take birth?

May 15th, 2002 ( It was a Wednesday )

When did Aziz Sedki die?

Aziz Sedki died on 2008-01-26.

When did Atef Sedki die?

Atef Sedki died on 2005-02-25.