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sometimes level fifty three if not level sixty one. also salamence learns fly when you level him up to level fifty so basically salamence learns fly when you evolve a shelgon level 50

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Level. 53

If not, then Lv.61

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Q: What level does salamence learn crunch?
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What moves do salamence learn?

crunch double edge and dragon claw

What attacks does Salamence learn?

Salamence is a Pokemon introduced in the third generation of Pokemon games. In the current generation, its moveset after it evolves from Shelgon at level 50 includes Fly, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Double-Edge, and Dragon Tail.

Does Blastoise learn Crunch?

Blastoise never learns Crunch. Blastoise does not learn Crunch, but it does learn Bite. This is when it is a Wartortle (or Squirtle) and is on level 16. If you have a Blastoise on level 16 (which is not really possible), it will learn Crunch.

When does luxio learn crunch?

Luxio will learn Crunch at level 33 but you have to stop evolution at level 30 though. You can always evolve it to Luxray and it will learn at level 35 instead.

What level does salamence learn Dragon Dance?

Salamence does not learn Dragon Dance by leveling up. It can learn Dragon Dance from its father as an Egg Move.

What level does gyarados learn crunch?

Gyarados cannot learn crunch by any means

What level does nidorina learn crunch?

Level 43

What level does torterra learn crunch?


What level does Mightyena learn crunch?


Can Arcanine learn crunch?

Arcanine itself cannot learn Crunch from leveling. However it's unevolved form, Growlithe, can learn Crunch at level 42. You can also hatch a Growlithe with the move Crunch via breeding.

What level flygon learn to fly?

just find a bagon and level it up to 50 then it will evolve into salamence and it will learn the move fly

What level does poochyena learn crunch?

It learns Crunch at level 41. This is 6 levels earlier than Mightyena, who learns it at level 47.