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The nightvision goggles, which she thinks are sunglasses.

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what wakes katniss in the early morning at the end of part 2 chapter 12
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Q: What item in the backpack katniss managed to grab at the cornucopia does not appear to work properly?
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How did Katniss and Gale become a team?

Katniss was in the woods, at around 12 years old, and she saw a snare which successfully managed to catch a rabbit (I think there was more than one but that doesn't matter). When she goes out to touch and observe the snare, Gale tells her that "Stealing is punishable by death" and that's how she first meets him. They don't get along well at the start because Katniss said how they haggled over things, but they became a team a few months after I suppose.

How does Katniss feel about effies description of barbarism of your district?

She feels insulted when Effie makes a comment about her district, because most kids in her district have never had enough to eat, and so when they saw fine food the last thing they were thinking about was table manners. (When they were eating together on the train, Effie told Katniss and Peeta that she was glad that they had some manners. She told them that the tributes from the previous year had eaten all of their food with their hands, like a couple of savages. She was glad that Peeta and Katniss had managed to come over the "barbarism" of their district.

Where does Katniss get her bow and arrow?

In her first Hunger Games, she stole the bow and arrows from Glimmer, the District 1 career girl.In her second Hunger Games, she ripped out two bows and two sheaths of arrows out of the Cornucopia.In Mockingjay, she gets a cool new high-tec arrow designed by Beetee that recognizes only her voice and goes "to sleep" when Katniss says, "Goodnight.'

What did the Capitol do to Peeta Mellark Johanna and Beetee?

Peeta is captured by the capital, so that they can use him Katniss. They torture Peeta, and make him try to convince Katniss that a war is not a good idea, and that President Snow should still lead. The capital will go to any lengths of torturing Peeta, to break Katniss, and end the rebellion. Poor Peeta :(

What is the duration of Managed Money?

The duration of Managed Money is 1260.0 seconds.

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What items did Katniss Everdeen receive at the Cornucopia in 'The Hunger Games'?

She was trying to get the silver bow and arrows from inside the mouth of the Cornicopia, but was distracted by Peeta and only managed to get a 1m squared sheet of waterproof plastic and a loaf of bread (ultimately lost during the grapple with the boy from District 9). As Clove aimed at her with a knife, she also gained a long-handled knife with a serrated edge near the wood. She also managed to grab an orange backpack containing a packet of dried beef strips, a small stack of crackers, a pair of night-goggles, a water bottle (empty).

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What you have learned about relationships in the Hunger Games?

That nothing can overpower love. Peeta's and Katniss's love was so strong that they managed to twist the rules and both of them were able to live.

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What is the medical condition likely to cause Hypoglycaemia if it is not properly managed?

Most commonly caused by diabetes.

What is chaper 8 of the Hunger Games about?

Katniss storms off after her 'episode' where she flipped out because nobody took notice of her in her private session and she managed to shoot an apple out of the pig's mouth on the table for the gamemakers etc. All tributes find out their training scores to which Katniss scores 11/12, the highest score of this games and higher than all of the Careers. Haymitch then alerts Katniss that Peeta has asked to be coached separately and Katniss feels betrayed.

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