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Q: What is your oldest child's nickname?
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Who was the oldest of john Quincy children?

His oldest sons name was John and his nickname was tiny dick.

I'M trying to get to my email Can you help me?

My oldest child nickname? Morris

What is the birth name of Gilbert Childs?

Gilbert Childs's birth name is Gilbert Jefferies Childs.

When did Childs Frick die?

Childs Frick died in 1965.

What is the birth name of Amy Childs?

Amy Childs's birth name is Amy Andrea Childs.

What is the birth name of Martin Childs?

Martin Childs's birth name is Martin David William Childs.

Who is saturnina rizal?

Saturnina Rizal (1850-1913) is the oldest of the 11 siblings. Her nickname is 'Neneng'.

Who is the oldest brother?

Kevin Paul Jonas II. More commonly referred to as Kevin Jonas or his nickname, K2. The oldest is Kevin, who recently has been married. The second oldest is Joe, then Nick, then the youngest is Frankie.

When did Thomas Childs die?

Thomas Childs died in 1853.

When was Daniel Childs born?

Daniel Childs was born in 1988.

When was Earle Childs born?

Earle Childs was born in 1893.

When did Earle Childs die?

Earle Childs died in 1918.