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Amy Childs Birthday Is The 7th June

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Q: When is it amy childs birthday from the only way is Essex?
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Is Amy of the only way is Essex leaving?

Amy Childs used to be in The Only Way Is Essex but isnt any more.

Who plays Amy in the only way is Essex?

Amy Childs, everyone uses their real names in The Only Way Is Essex.

What colour is amy childs hair out of the only way is Essex?

Its rosy red

Where does amy childs live?

Brentwood, Essex

When was Amy Childs born?

Amy Childs was born on June 14, 1990, in Brentwood, Essex, England, UK.

Is Amy childs a jew?

no shes from essex . im such a big fan

When is Amy Childs birthday?

Amy Child's birthday is on the 7th of June 1990.

What is the birth name of Amy Childs?

Amy Childs's birth name is Amy Andrea Childs.

Has Amy child's got a shop?

Yes, Amy Childs Has Got A Shop (Amy Childs Boutique) And A Salon (Amy Childs Salon) She Also Helps Run Bonnie & Clyde.

How old is Amy child's?

Amy Childs is 27 years old (birthday June 7, 1990).

Does Amy child's live at cm13 2tt?

Amy childs lives at Brentwood Essex I passed her house and her salon. Harry from towie was thr. If you pass her house check out her new car and all the boutiques nearby :-) x

What Is Amy Childs Favourite Colour?