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it's either the Kyuubi or the Hachibi, or in in english the nine tails or the eight tails.

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Q: What is the tallest tailed beast?
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Did you see 1000 tailed beast?

the provent has 1000 tailed beast.

Which tailed beast is the cat shown in shippuden?

the two-tailed beast

Who is garaa's tailed beast which is sealed in him?

Ichibi no Shukaku is gaara's tailed beast which is sealed in him

What is the chakra colour of the five-tailed beast?

the color of the five-tailed beast is orange or red

Who has the 8 tailed beast?

Killer Bee has the 8 tailed beast sealed inside him.

Why is Gaara a tailed beast?

He was a tailed beast (shukaku) because his father one of the kazekages somehow created a sand shield to protect his son. Somehow this was actually shukaku, the 1 tailed beast.

What is the 4 tailed beast's host name?

The jinchuuriki for the Yonbi (four-tailed beast) is Rōshi.

In Naruto what does the 5 Tailed Beast Look like?

The 5 tailed beast looks like a dolphin/horse tailed beast. You can find the picture at this website: :D

How do you obtain a tailed beast heart on pockie ninja?

esay way is to do tailed beast invasion and be rank 20 or higher

What episode does the Akatsuki capture the 2 tailed cat and the slug?

episode 71 they capture the 2nd tailed beast and episode 144 they capture the 6th tailed beast

Who is your favorite tailed beast?


Is there aten tailed beast in naruto?

Yes. According to 'Madara' [masked guy] in volume 49 of the manga, there is a ten-tailed beast. It is formed when you combine the nine tailed beasts.