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Well since everyone is opinionated nobody can really agree on it, but among most gundam fans it's believed to be one of five people:

Amuro Ray-The very first Gundam pilot who is the basis for many gundam heroes (including Kira Yamato) and the number one pilot in the U.C. Timeline. His newtype status is combined with his natural piloting ability to create a near unstoppable pilot.

Uso Ewin-The youngest Gundam pilot. Due to his young age he is belived to be one of the very best pilots in the U.C. timeline, just short of or equal to Amuro Ray.

Char Aznable-Amuro's rival and the first non-gundam Ace of the Gundam Universe. He coined the red mobile suit before any other pilot and his clones are everywhere whether it be Milliardo Peacecraft or Athrun Zala, all who use the red mobile suit are linked back to Char. Like Amuro he uses his newtype powers and piloting ability together.

Master Asia-Even though he is a villain, Master Asia does things with a MS that most pilots dream of being able to do, including controlling Master Gundam without being in the cockpit. Combine that with his superhuman status, he is believed widely to be the very best even among both A.U. (After Universal) and U.C. fans.

Domon Kasshu-Since he is Master Asia's successor, Domon is also believed to be one of the best as he shares the same superhuman abilities as Master Asia though not to his extent. Either way, Domon's strength and destructive ability inside a mobile suit far surpass that of any pilot.

Damon & Asia aren't pilots. They can't pilot anything other than their own MS.

So the summary is Kira Yamato is the best gundam pilot.

Your conclusion is a non sequitur. Non-Coordinators can't pilot Coordinator MS, Oldtypes can't master Newtype MS, and nobody but a Gundam Fighter can use a Mobile Fighter. The MS exclusivity argument means nothing.

Kira has one of the worst fight schedules of any pilot. He fights alongside two of the best pilots in his series (Athrun and Mu) and faces pilots who are not even close to being that good. While he did face Athrun for a bit, they barely fought most of the time, preferring to talk rather than really fight. The only time they went full out was during the Strike and Aegis' last battle, where the two of them, having lost close friends, wanted to kill the other. Even then, it only showed that they were equal.

Compare his fight schedule to Amuro Ray, who not only started off by having to face the strongest Zeon ace in battle, but he had barely any support. Even as the show went on Amuro had barely anyone to depend on other than some of the worst pilots to date. Even if Kai, Hayato or Sayla put up a fight, Amuro was the one to defeat the highly skilled enemy aces.

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The strongest gundam is Burning/God Gundam from G Gundam (for the non-mobile suit category) while the strongest mobile suit is the Turn A and Turn X due to the Moonlight Butterfly and several overpowered weapons. The strongest pilot is still in debate...check "Who is the best gundam pilot?" for the candidates.

The strongest pilot is probably Amuro Ray.

He is the original hero of Gundam.

(He pushed an asteroid with his mind!!!!??)

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My favorite gundam is the sazabi because 1. Char piloted it and char is my favorite character and 2. Because it is red and bulky.

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Q: What is the strongest Gundam and pilot of them all?
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How many series that gundam seed have?

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Did they cancel g gundam?

No, G Gundam was finished and it had an ending.

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Depends on what series you are watching. In Gundam Wing, gundams are just mobile suits made of Gundanium (sp?). In Gundam Seed they were mobile suits with phase-shift armor (or something like that). In Gundam 00 only suits made by Celestial beings are called Gundams. Other series may vary.They also have 2 pointy things on the head.Also, a Gundam in the UC is nothing more than a name.It is not a specific line of mobile suits.It is not a "type" of mobile suit even if it is referred to as "Gundam-Type Mobile Suit." All Gundams post the RX-78 series are named in a traditional fashion, not designed in accordance with.It is not a series of aesthetics such as V-fin as the Victory Gundam Hexa, and others, lack this feature but are still Gundams. The Hyaku Shiki was originally called the Delta Gundam but did not posess a V-fin or Gundam-style face.don't make this question complicated mangundams are just robots with "V" shaped aerials.

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What is the strongest gundam in g gundam?

Burning gundam in hyper mode and shining gundam in hyper mode or God gundam in hyper mode if not in English version. Same thing

Who is the main pilot in Gundam Seed?


What kind of gundam that Athrun pilot?

in gundam seed athrun pilots the "aegis" and "justice" gundams and in gundam seed destiny he pilots "savior" and "infinite justice"

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errr.... Kira Yamato?

Which SD Gundam looks like a roman warrior?

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Who would win in a battle between Amuro piloting the Hi Nu Gundam and Kira piloting the Strike Freedom Gundam?

The answer to this question may come down to personal opinion, because these two pilots are not only in completely different mobile suits, but also in completely separate universes due to belonging to a respective series. I, along with most other Gundam fans, would agree that Amuro is a better pilot. Having more experience due to being a Newtype Gundam pilot since the age of fifteen, combined with the sheer speed, power, and the Psycommu-driven cockpit of the fin-funnel powered Hi-Nu, would assure Amuro's victory. All in all, it's an interesting subject! Perhaps we'll see this fight some day in a Gundam mash-up similar to Gundam Musou (Dynasty Warriors: Gundam).

What does the character Kou Uraki do?

Kou Uraki is a anime character that appears in 33 different video games most of the Gundam series. In these games Kou Uraki is the official pilot of the Gundam.

Best gundam pilot?

There's a long list of contenders for the title of best Gundam pilot, but most would point to Amuro Ray, who within the canon of the UC timeline is the most powerful pilot of all time. There are other contenders like Domon Kasshu and Master Asia, but generally, Amuro is stated to be the best due to most timelines operating like the Universal Century (easy to see his skills transfer over).

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Yes, I currently pilot the Strike Freedom, under the authority of Muru Rameas, and Lacus Cline.

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The arcade game Kidō Senshi Gundam: Senjō no Kizuna controls simulates a Mobile Suit's cockpit, with two control sticks, which controls the legs, and two pedals, which control the thrust and jump

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