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5 Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Astray,Gundam Seed vs Astray,Gundam Seed Destiny, and Gundam Seed Stargazer.

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Mobile Fighter G Gundam has 49 episodes.

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Q: How many series that gundam seed have?
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How old is yamato?

By Yamato, I presume you mean Kira from Gundam seed / Destiny. In Gundam seed, he is 16 years old and in Gundam seed DESTINY, which is the second second, he is 18. Hope it helped.

Where can i watch gundam seed in English?

Veoh. just search gundam seed 1 Watch full gundam seed and destiny at (It is in Japanese with English subtitles)

What episode does kira get the freedom in gundam seed?

Episode 54

What makes a Gundam a Gundam?

Depends on what series you are watching. In Gundam Wing, gundams are just mobile suits made of Gundanium (sp?). In Gundam Seed they were mobile suits with phase-shift armor (or something like that). In Gundam 00 only suits made by Celestial beings are called Gundams. Other series may vary.They also have 2 pointy things on the head.Also, a Gundam in the UC is nothing more than a name.It is not a specific line of mobile suits.It is not a "type" of mobile suit even if it is referred to as "Gundam-Type Mobile Suit." All Gundams post the RX-78 series are named in a traditional fashion, not designed in accordance with.It is not a series of aesthetics such as V-fin as the Victory Gundam Hexa, and others, lack this feature but are still Gundams. The Hyaku Shiki was originally called the Delta Gundam but did not posess a V-fin or Gundam-style face.don't make this question complicated mangundams are just robots with "V" shaped aerials.

Why was mobile suit gundam seed ds cancelled?

it wasn't really cancelled it was modified into the mobile suit gundam 00 ds game which is out in Japanese

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Will there be another gundam seed series?

The sequel to the Gundam Seed series is the Gundam Seed Destiny series.

How many gundam seed series still have kira and athrun?

mobile suit gundam seed and mobile suit gundam seed destiny

When will gundam seed 00 come to Canada?

There is no gundam series called gundam seed 00. However, there is Gundam Seed, and Gundam 00.

What is the difference between gundam seed and gundam seed destiny?

gundam seed is the previous set and gundam seed destiny is the one after gundam seed

Will there be another Gundam series after Gundam Seed Destiny?

Yes, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is going to be aired in fall of 2007 and a Gundam Seed movie is slated to be released in 2008 in japan. Since the director was sick, the movie was postponed to 2009 there was also gundam seed astay.

What Is gundam seed destiny related to?

gundam seed was the previous series.Also gundam seed astray.

Does sword calamity gundam get destroyed in gundam?

sword calamity is not really a gundam in gundam seed. He is not in the series so I dont know if he gets destroyed. He might be in a manga but I am not sure. Sorry!

Is gundam 00 better compared to gundam UC?

Like with the Gundam SEED series, 00 is alot better looking since its newer but it is also unoriginal, borrowing elements from Gundam Wing. Though I like Gundam 00, I'd have to give it to the U.C. series. You be the judge...

Is gundam seed good compared to gundam UC?

Though SEED and SEED Destiny look better due to superior animation compared to the older U.C. series, Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny are said not to be as good story and character wise since it's unoriginal, taking most of it's elements from the U.C. series. But I'm in no position to judge, just watch the two series and see which one you like better.

What has the author Masatsugu Iwase written?

Masatsugu Iwase has written: 'Gundam SEED 4' 'Gundam Seed Destiny 2' 'Gundam SEED Vol. 2' 'Gundam Seed Destiny 4' 'Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Vol. 1 (Kidousenshi Gandamu Seedo) (in Japanese)' 'Gundam SEED 5'

Is there a season after gundam seed destiny?

This is the list of anime series that take place in the Cosmic Era (the timeline of Gundam SEED): * Gundam SEED * SEED: Special Edition * MSV: Astray * Gundam SEED Destiny * SEED Destiny: Special Edition * C.E. 73: Stargazer * Gundam SEED: The Movie

Gundam Seed Games Download?

Where can i download gundam seed game for ds