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usually the song is in the description

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Q: What is the song on faze temperrr's possessed montage?
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What song was playing when Karla danced for Craig on next Friday?

Riding High- Faze-O

What movie montage is the song Hanging on a Heart Attack used in?

I know it was used in the 1980's movie A Night in Heaven

What song is good for a fail montage?

I would personally choose uprising by muse because its both good and it kind of boost your spirits up when your down

What is the song playing at the funeral scene in the movie The Last Song?

The one that Ronnie plays at her dad's funeral is called Steve's Theme by Aaron Zigman. The one she plays in the montage of her and her dad before he dies is a rendition of it. I believe they're the same song just cut into different pieces. You can find the main peice on

What are the songs from the movie bubble boy?

if this might help here are the song writers and performers!! the song i was looking for was im having a bad day by blue flannel! Deborah Lurie Music Arranger Reggie Wilson Music Contractor Damon Intrabartolo Music Conductor - orchestra conductor Patrick Houlihan Music Coordinator Thomas DeLonge Song Blink-182 Song Performer John Houlihan Music Supervisor John Ottman Orchestrations John Ottman Music Amanda Goodpaster Music Editor Ted Reed Music Coordinator Hammer Song Performer Mark Hoppus Song Damon Intrabartolo Orchestrations Booker White Music - music preparation Scott Raynor Song The Beach Boys Song Performer Wang Chung Song Performer Michael Lloyd Song Jude Song Performer Hammer Song Rick James Song Chad Fischer Song Performer Blue Flannel Song Performer Alonzo Miller Song Brian Wilson Song Dave Vorhaus Song Performer Michael S Murphey Song Performer Tony Asher Song Betty Blowtorch Song Performer Mike Love Song The Mopes Song Performer Jack Hues Song Nicholas Feldman Song The Trammps Song Performer The Offspring Song Performer Darren Costin Song Jude Christodal Song Joseph Bishara Song Performer Carol Connors Song Larry Gardner Song Performer Baha Men Song Performer Bill Conti Song Don Ho Song Performer Ayn Robbins Song Kevin Hunter Song The Ali'is Song Performer Kevin Hunter Song - song producer & performer Daniel Hill Song Performer Chad Fischer Song Derek Coile Song Dave Vorhaus Song Michael S Murphey Song Larry Cansler Song Betty Blowtorch Song Dan Schaffer Song Chris Barnard Song Leroy Green Song Tyrone Kersey Song Bryan Holland Song Joseph Bishara Song Larry Gardner Song Dan Raziel Song The Purgatory Rodeo Song Anslem Douglas Song Leon Pober Song Daniel Hill Song Barry Mann Song James Clark Song Ray Davies Song - song arranger

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How Long is the song Faze by Aselin Debison?

The song FAZE by Aselin Debison is 2 mins and 24sec

When was Valentine's Day - Faze song - created?

Valentine's Day - Faze song - was created in 2008-12.

What song was playing when Karla danced for Craig on next Friday?

Riding High- Faze-O

What is the ER series finale song?

The final montage is 'Chicago' by the Uglysuit.

What is the song called in the video called FaZe fakie has episode 31?

you are not a robot by hoodie allen

Song from october Alamo drafthouse montage?

Hearts on Fire by Cut Copy

What is a good song to accompany a football montage on memorable moments?

the song "Footballs coming home" or maybe "three lions"

What song is played in the carl Lewis-usain bolt montage before bolt runs the 200 at the Beijing Olympics on NBC?

its Untouched by Veronicas. [[I know because I love that montage!!]]

Eastbound and Down. What song is playing in season 2 chapter 11 when the ATV montage is happening?

The song is "The Oogum Boogum Song by Brenton Wood"

What is the song played in the Australian FX channel montage trailer?

"Change Comin" by Justice and The Piece

What song played at the montage with dolphins and Forrest Gump in The Dictator?

A moment like this - Kelly Clarkson

What is the song playing during the end montage of requiem for a dream?

Summer Overture by Clint Mansell