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I would personally choose uprising by muse because its both good and it kind of boost your spirits up when your down

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Q: What song is good for a fail montage?
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What is a good song to accompany a football montage on memorable moments?

the song "Footballs coming home" or maybe "three lions"

What is the song on faze temperrr's possessed montage?

usually the song is in the description

What is the ER series finale song?

The final montage is 'Chicago' by the Uglysuit.

Song from october Alamo drafthouse montage?

Hearts on Fire by Cut Copy

What is a good name for a call of duty montage?


What song is played in the carl Lewis-usain bolt montage before bolt runs the 200 at the Beijing Olympics on NBC?

its Untouched by Veronicas. [[I know because I love that montage!!]]

Eastbound and Down. What song is playing in season 2 chapter 11 when the ATV montage is happening?

The song is "The Oogum Boogum Song by Brenton Wood"

What is a good modern warfare 2 montage song?

This is a matter of personal opinion but I've always preffered to use dubstep/techno songs. "Damage" by SubVibe is a good one.

What is the song played in the Australian FX channel montage trailer?

"Change Comin" by Justice and The Piece

What song played at the montage with dolphins and Forrest Gump in The Dictator?

A moment like this - Kelly Clarkson

What is the song playing during the end montage of requiem for a dream?

Summer Overture by Clint Mansell

What song is played in the PlayStation 3 Montage commercial featuring Kevin Butler?

Preliator by globus