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if this might help

here are the song writers and performers!!

the song i was looking for was

im having a bad day by blue flannel!

Deborah Lurie Music Arranger Reggie Wilson Music Contractor Damon Intrabartolo Music Conductor - orchestra conductor Patrick Houlihan Music Coordinator Thomas DeLonge Song Blink-182 Song Performer John Houlihan Music Supervisor John Ottman Orchestrations John Ottman Music Amanda Goodpaster Music Editor Ted Reed Music Coordinator Hammer Song Performer Mark Hoppus Song Damon Intrabartolo Orchestrations Booker White Music - music preparation Scott Raynor Song The Beach Boys Song Performer Wang Chung Song Performer Michael Lloyd Song Jude Song Performer Hammer Song Rick James Song Chad Fischer Song Performer Blue Flannel Song Performer Alonzo Miller Song Brian Wilson Song Dave Vorhaus Song Performer Michael S Murphey Song Performer Tony Asher Song Betty Blowtorch Song Performer Mike Love Song The Mopes Song Performer Jack Hues Song Nicholas Feldman Song The Trammps Song Performer The Offspring Song Performer Darren Costin Song Jude Christodal Song Joseph Bishara Song Performer Carol Connors Song Larry Gardner Song Performer Baha Men Song Performer Bill Conti Song Don Ho Song Performer Ayn Robbins Song Kevin Hunter Song The Ali'is Song Performer Kevin Hunter Song - song producer & performer Daniel Hill Song Performer Chad Fischer Song Derek Coile Song Dave Vorhaus Song Michael S Murphey Song Larry Cansler Song Betty Blowtorch Song Dan Schaffer Song Chris Barnard Song Leroy Green Song Tyrone Kersey Song Bryan Holland Song Joseph Bishara Song Larry Gardner Song Dan Raziel Song The Purgatory Rodeo Song Anslem Douglas Song Leon Pober Song Daniel Hill Song Barry Mann Song James Clark Song Ray Davies Song - song arranger

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Q: What are the songs from the movie bubble boy?
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Who was the bubble boy in the movie bubble boy?

The bubble boy was actor john travolta

Who played bubble boy in the movie?

The film 'Bubble Boy' was directed by Blair Hayes. The film stars Jake Gylllenhaal in the title role. This movie was inspired by the film entitled 'The Boy in the Plastic Bubble'.

What songs are used in the movie jumper?

There were 18 songs used in the movie Jumper. A few of the songs were Sexy Boy, Stompbox, and Move it Around.

Where can you find the artists and titles featured on the movie bubble boy?

Is bubble berry a boy or a girl?

Bubble Berry is a boy,he is the boy version of pinkie pie.

When was Bubble Boy released?

Bubble Boy was released on 08/24/2001.

What was the Production Budget for Bubble Boy?

The Production Budget for Bubble Boy was $13,000,000.

What is the duration of The Boy in the Plastic Bubble?

The duration of The Boy in the Plastic Bubble is 1.6 hours.

What is the duration of Bubble Boy film?

The duration of Bubble Boy - film - is 1.4 hours.

When was Bubble Boy - film - created?

Bubble Boy - film - was created on 2001-08-24.

When was The Boy in the Plastic Bubble created?

The Boy in the Plastic Bubble was created on 1976-11-01.

How much money did Bubble Boy gross worldwide?

Bubble Boy grossed $5,002,310 worldwide.