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Q: What is the song by Justin Bieber that goes if i was your boyfriend?
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Who wrote Justin Bieber's song Boyfriend?

Justin Bieber writed the song

When was Boyfriend - Justin Bieber song - created?

Boyfriend - Justin Bieber song - was created on 2012-03-26.

Can you be like the song Boyfriend by Justin Bieber?

sorry I mean do any of you like the song boyfriend by Justin Bieber

What inspired Justin Bieber to write his new single Boyfriend?

Justin Bieber needs a girlfriend so he goes and writes this song about how he will treat his new girlfriend.

How many times does Justin Bieber say boyfriend?

In the song Boyfriend, Justin Bieber says it 9 times.

What boyfriend by Justin Bieber is mean to Justin Bieber?

he had broke up with selena so thay's why he wrote boyfriend song

Does Justin Timberlake have anything to do with Justin Bieber's new song Boyfriend?


When did Justin Bieber make the song boyfriend?

ilove it

What is the best song Justin Bieber has sung?


What is Justin Bieber's song Boyfriend about?

What he would to to you if you were his girlfriend.

Did Justin Bieber curse inboyfriend?

NO, justin bieber does not curse in his song "boyfriend". He does not cuss in he's songs

How do the girls fit in the song boyfriend by Justin Bieber?

its boyfriend in it and he sounds cute