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free software{fs},3d video maker

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Q: What is the software used to make 3D movies?
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Which 3d animation software was used to make the movie Madagascar 2 escape to Africa?

3d max

Does 3d TVs make all the movies 3d?

No. Only movies filmed as 3d will produce the 3d effect on a 3d television.

Can you watch 3d movies with ps3?

Yes if it is connected to a 3D TV and has current software updates

How are imax movies 3d?

They make it 3D from sony pictures.

How do make a 3d game?

Yes we can make 3d games by 3d game creater software. You can download it from

What is Maya 8?

8 identifies the version of the software; it is the 8th major version of this software. Maya is software designed to create 3D files for use in animations, movies, or 3D rendered images.

How do you make a 3d model of a wasp?

You can make a 3D model of a wasp with the help of various software's. Maya is a popular image creation software.

Can you use your Real D 3D glasses to watch 3D movies on the internet?

If your watching the movies on a laptop or other computer then no because they don't have 3D capabilities. If you are streaming 3D movies with your 3D TV then yes you can. Just make sure that you have a 3D TV.

How old do you have to be to watch 3d movies?

3d movies are rated just like non-3d movies.

What is a 3d software?

a software of 3d with a side of fries

Are the commerials in 3d movies 3d?

most of them ( just for the 3d movies coming out)

What programs are used to make monster movies?

Autodesk Maya and 3d studio max, and Zbrush, or a proprietary version of them, are the most common programs for 3d Modeling and animation

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