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Yes, you can convert non 3d movies to 3d if your 3d-player or TV allows it. The result varies between movies, some get good 3d, some not so much. This process makes the response time (ms) on the TV slower and is therefore not recommended for games.

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2013-03-29 10:05:04
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Q: Can a non 3D movie be played as 3D on a 3D TV?
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Can i use the 3D glasses from movie theaters for my 3D TV?

For any passive 3D television, the 3D glasses from movie theaters will work.

Can you watch a 3D movie without glasses?

Not yet, but manufacturers have made the technology to make watching either a 3D TV or cinema movie without glasses possible but company's that sell 3d TVs or have cinemas are not interested in buying this non 3d glasses technology. I don't know why they are not interested.

Can a 3D movie be streamed to a 3D TV?


What is the first 3D movie for 3D TVs?

Monster vs Aliens 3D

Do you have to use the 3d in a 3d tv or can you use 2d?

no you do not have to use the 3D in your 3D tv. its always on 2D unless you play a 3D movie and put it on 3D.

Can you view movies in 3D through a 3D Blu-ray player on your non 3D compatible tv?


Is there any technology that can provide the same effect when we are watching a 3D movie in a normal TV through the 3D glasses?

I think there is no such technology that can provide a 3D movie in a normal TV as if you want the 3D effect you've to use 3D TV.

Is there any 3D TV that uses 3D glasses like those at movie theater?

Passive 3D TVs polarizing glasses similar to those at the movie theaters.

What do you need to watch a 3D movie?

To watch a 3D movie, you need a television that supports 3D graphics (and the 3D glasses that come with it). You also need to have a DVD/Blu-Ray set that supports 3D.

Where can one buy movie glasses wholesale?

3D movie glasses can be obtained in wholesale quantities from DHGate. Note that 3D movie theaters use circular polarization to produce the 3D effect, which is totally different from the shutter systems domestic 3D TVs use. Movie theater 3D glasses will not work with a 3D TV - neither will the make effective or safe sunglasses.

Can you use movie 3d glasses on your bravo 3d tv?

Yes,you can if they are specialy made.

Can you play games in 3D if you have a 3D TV but not a 3D ready xbox?

There is no such thing as a 3D ready Xbox. If you have a 3D TV, some games can be played in 3D mode. There is only a small amount of games which have 3D mode on.

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