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This is a trick question. All regular films are 2D. Only 3D films require special glasses.

But if you have a vision disorder, you may need glasses to see the movie clearly, just as you would need the glasses to anything else around you clearly.

Of course, regular vision glasses are not "special".

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Q: Do you need special glasses to view a 2d movie?
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What type of 3d glasses do you need to view the Avatar 3d movie?

you will need a linear polarization 3d glasses.

Do 3D TV's need special glasses to work?

In general, yes you do need special glasses to view a 3D TV. However, Sony are now working on a variant of this which does not require these glasses at all.

Are special glasses needed to view 3D TV at home?

3d TV's without glasses are becomming more and more available, however, as of right now, they have not been perfected and are not as good as the ones that you need glasses for.

Can you view eclipse with polarized sunglasses?

No. You must used special ISO glasses.

What is the definition of 2D and 3D view?

A two dimensional view has no depth. A three dimensional view is seen with special glasses and has depth when viewed.

Why do you have to wear special glasses when you see a 3D movie?

So that you can view the movie without seeing the red and blue lines that make it 3d. It's some kind of technology that plays on color and allows you to see the objects as if they were coming out of the screen, however it only works with the glasses on.

Why do you wear special glasses to view an eclipse?

So it can protect your eyes from the light. It has enough light to damage your eyes like the sun.

What are diffraction glasses?

Diffraction glasses differ from traditional glasses because they use a special pair of lenses that offer light grating as an entertainment source. When viewing a light source the grating effect will break the light into a prism of colors, offering the user a unique experience. You can check out companies like GloFX to view the various glasses that will feature this special lens. They also have a great FAQ page about diffraction glasses, you can read up on it by searching GloFX Glasses What Are Diffraction Glasses.

Will you need a telescope to view the 2012 transit of Venus?

Yes, with special filters.

When was Special View created?

Special View was created in 1979.

Which Freddy Krueger movie was in 3d?

The movie Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare had a scene at the end in 3D. In the box set collection it comes with 3D glasses and you can still view this portion of the movie in 3D.

What equipment would I need to play a 3d DVD?

In order to be able to play a 3D DVD, you must have a television that can play 3D programs. You must also purchase 3D glasses in order to view the movie as 3D.

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